Questyle T2 + R100 Wireless Hi-End System


Questyle T2 + R100 Wireless Hi-End System


Worldwide the first Hi-end 5G wireless audio system was born in Questyle Audio! So far it’s the most stable one among wireless transmission HiFi system, definitely bring an evolution on wireless audio.

The current 2.4GHz wireless HiFi system set people free from the hateful cable connection , brings an innovation on audio field. But there is a shortage that, nowadays each building there are countless Wi-Fi equipment whose frequency in 2.4GHz, it makes 2.4GHz signal transmission always be interrupted, delayed or weaken. To solve the above problem, Questyle innovatively designed the 5G wireless system, sending audio signal in 5.2GHz/5.8GHz frequency, wonderfully avoid the 2.4GHz frequency range and achieved most stable transmission.

Questyle 5G Wireless system series is consist of Transmitter and Receiver two sections, currently contains 4 models: T2 Transmitter, R2 pure Receiver, R100 (2x50W Stereo) Wireless Amplifier and R200 (200W Mono) Wireless Amplifier. R100 and R200 are both built-in with receiver, and T2 is designed to match with all of the rest three models.

T2 Transmitter can receive digital signal through USB /Coaxial/Optical inputs, also can receive Analogue signal via RCA terminals and convert to digital via the specific ADC circuit. Easy operation design, just plug in the power cord it will start working, no need to make any setup procedure. The signal transmission is in 24bit /48KHz wireless digital precision. T2 adopts the famous FIFO cache technology and digital PLL technology, reduces Jitter to undetectable level, so as to ensure a purified Hi-end sound performance. On cosmetics, there are input selection button and volume button in front panel.

R2 is a Receiver with the function of Wireless Receiving, DAC and Analogue Output, send out analogue signal through RCA terminals. The DAC section adopts Wolfson WM8740 chipset, plus Questyle innovative circuit design to ensure purified signal input, WIMA FKP2 capacitors for ultra-low noise pollution control, 2pcs OPA275 to separately control left/right channel output. For aesthetics, the chassis is made of aluminum, front panel is toughened glass with high gloss painted and a blue LED indicator inside. These bring an impression of fashionable and strong attractive. 
R100 wireless amplifier, is actually an integration of wireless receiver, DAC and amplifier, extremely advanced to drive a pair of bookshelf speakers. The amplification section is adopted B&O ICEpower technology, intelligent, compact, efficient and powerful, 2x50W stereo output power, well drive a pair of speaker to make up of a HiFi system. It’s much extremely advanced in a home theater system, fully get rid of the frustrating cable installation problem, without any interference. 

R200 wireless amplifier is a 200W Mono block. It’s also the integration of wireless receiver, DAC and ICEpower amplifier. There is a switch on rear panel, to switch in between left and right channel. Two piece of R200 can share with one same T2 Transmitter, not necessary to use two transmitters. R200, with its powerful output and 20A current output capacity, also advanced in driving big power consume audio system.

5G wireless system is able to support more audio systems by adding only receiver. One T2 can support more than one receivers, so you can add one more receiver to support the second audio system, or a third receiver to support three systems.
T2 Transmitter

Digital Input: Optical,Coaxial,PCM 44.1K-192K/16-24bit

USB Input: USB typeB,3X Clock USB Asynchronous transmission 
Support Win and Mac OS PCM 44.1K-192K/16-24bit

Analogue Input: RCA,max 2Vrms

Power Cord: DC 5V 6.5mm,Max Current 1A   

Volume: Electric volume,0.5dB stepping,PW cut memory

Transmitting Frequency: 5.2/5.8GHz switchable

Bit depth24 bit without compression

Max delay10mS

Max support Receivers: 8pcs

R100 Receiver with AMP(Stereo)

Max Output Power: 2*50W@4ohms

THD: +N0.004%@Po=10W,RL=4ohms

SNR: 102dB

Frequency Response: 20-20kHz(+0,-0.5dB)

 R200 Receiver with AMP(Mono)

Max Output Power: 200W@4ohm,100W@8ohms

THD: +N0.008%@Po=10W,RL=4ohms

SNR: 104dB

Frequency Response: 20-20kHz(+0,-0.2dB)

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