Questyle CMA800i DAC with Amplifier


Questyle CMA800i DAC with Amplifier


CMA800i DAC with Headphone Amplifer

In May 2014 the Munich High-end Audio show, CMA800i is officially launched to international market. Since design stage, CMA800i is set as an integrated DAC, Headphone Amp and Pre-amplifier questing for most Hi-end sound quality.  

CMA800i headphone amplifier section follows Questyle flagship headphone amp CMA800R current mode amplification patent design, most components used are same. Ultra low distortion as to 0.00026%, ultra wide bandwidth up to 850KHz (+0, -3dB), working in pure Class A status under Super-current, all these features enables CMA800i amplification be most outstanding among all the all-in-one models.  

CMA800i DAC section, PCM version it adopts USB Asynchronous transmission 3X Clock structure design, support 192KHz/24bit both USB and SPDIF input/SPDIF output, more important is it support True DSD format digital to analog converting. Different from current DoP (DSD over PCM) format, CMA800i drive program will send DSD source code directly to DAC section for digital to analog converting, its hardware is specially designed with DSD channel to process DSD signal in its original format ,strictly comply with standard SACD format. Same as CAS192D, CMA800i adopts Wolfson WM8741 DAC chipset with 4 levels of digital filters and power regulation. In PCM version it’s designed with IIR(MP) digital filters to eliminates pre-ring, while in True DSD version all digital filters are invalid.   

Pre-Amplifier output is one more specific feature for CMA800i. Many brands, when they design a all-in-one model, they use the headphone amplifier circuit loop to support pre-amplifier function in the meanwhile, on the sake of cost. But CMA800i, only care how to achieve best sound performance, is designed with totally independent pre-amplifier, even the power supplier supporting pre-amplifier circuit is total independent located. Volume control adopts a ALPS27 potentiometer working in pure analog format, supporting remote control, as well more suit for supporting active speakers.  

 A good sound performance require Hi-end components to support. CMA800i is assembled with suitable Hi-end components like DALE military resistors, WIMA capacitors, Nichicon FG capacitors, customized Plitron Toroidal transformer, Neutrik connectors...etc. Aluminum chassis is specially CNC tooled into “mutual-bit” structure, 10mm thickness cover, reduce the CMA800i natural resonance to lowest level. Even the feet is pure aluminum material, tooled by CNC machine, it can be switched to 3-feet triangle structure or 4-feet quad structure as per user’s favorite.     


                                             Headphone Amp section (External Format)

Gain11.8dB (3.9times)

Max Output Power(Po)




SNR118 dB

FrequencyDC-200kHz(+0,-0.5 dB);DC-850kHz(+0,-3 dB)


InputInternal DAC output, or External RCA input,switchable

OutputDual 6.35mm Standard Stereo Jacks

                                                           DAC and Pre-Amp section

InputSPDIF input and output, USB Type B input

SignalSPDIF input and output: Standard PCM 44.1-192K/16-24bit 

USB: PCM 44.1-192K/16-24bit and DSD Source Code following standard SACD format

PC OS to match USB inputWin XP,Vista,Win7,Win8 and MAC OS

Digital FilterPCM Mode:Switchable IIR(MP) and FIR (LP)

Ture DSD Mode: No filter

USB supported Kernal streamWASAPI,ASIO,KS

Analog OutputBalanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA)

Max output amplitude XLR8.6Vrms;RCA:4.3Vrms

THD+N< 0.005% for both XLR and RCA

>107dB for both XLR and RCA

                                                             Whole device

Voltage100-120V or 220-230V switchable

Power Consuming13W

Dimension330*300*55 mm

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