An early review on Kimber Kable Axios Cables:

I want to share my impressions of the Kimber Kable Axios headphone cable for my Sennheiser HD650 headphones. First things first. Cables do make a huge difference. If you disagree, that's because you've never owned a cable like this before! Transparency is amazing. Detail?!? Better than ever. Separation, imaging, decay, and even the low level dynamics are amazingly good! Let me say it like this. My system was completely badass. Completely eargasmic. But what happens when you put a very high end cable into the mix?!?!? What happens to your headphones?!? They sound beyond anything you imagined they could ever sound. The sound stage has widened pretty nicely also. There is no distortion. There is no veil. The sound is so realistic (transparent) that it's not even funny! I don't use my Beyerdynamic DT990's anymore for the fact that I'm becoming a junkie with my HD650's!!! 😳😳😳 I mean, when I looked at other headphones that were more money, yes. I wanted them! I wanted those HD800's. I admitted it! I wanted them. I'll say this. I will never give up my HD650's now. No one can make me an offer. I wouldn't accept it. I'm so content with my system that it's no longer a pleasure to listen to my system. It's an honour to listen to a system like mine. I'm so content with my gear, that I don't want more. I'm not even thinking about the Multi-Bit upgrade for my Bifrost! Does that say anything?!?! I'm in heaven. I can't imagine my system sounding any better than this. It's beyond my comprehension to imagine my system sounding any better. I admit that I was getting bored of my 650's. That's why I purchased the Beyerdynamic DT990's. Guess what?!? Those $300 DT990's are just taking up space in my drawer! Seriously. Those Beyer's are just sitting there. I don't even want to use them. Does that tell anything?!?! 😎😎😄😄 well, if you have the money, or are will to spend the money, get an Axios!!!! YOU WONT HATE YOURSELF FOR IT! -Coury

Posted on January 15, 2016 .