HeadphoneAudiophile.com and Cavalli Audio announce some very exciting news:

We made a big announcement at the inaugural Canlanta 2016 this last weekend, so for those of you who could not attend, the big news is that HeadphoneAudiophile.com is proud to announce that it is the premier internet retailer for the Cavalli Audio line of products! Starting immediately the Cavalli line will be able to be ordered at www.HeadphoneAudiophile.com . We are currently taking pre-orders for the last batch of Liquid Carbon and also the last run of Liquid Gold. With the announcement of the new batch of the Liquid Carbon ($799) there is also a new portable amplifier called the Liquid Spark ($499) that has been seen in prototype form all of the world for the last year at select Audio Shows and Headphone Meets. It has garnered a lot of attention and anticipation based on the sound this little box puts out to some serious headphones! The Liquid Spark is getting close to being put into production! The Initial batch of Liquid Sparks is limited to only a thousand units worldwide and will disappear quickly. info@headphoneaudiophile.com is now taking reservations, so please contact us to make sure you are able to secure one for yourself! www.headphoneaudiophile.com

 Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amp  

Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amp  

Posted on May 24, 2016 .

We are now AudioQuest Dealers!

HeadphoneAudiophile.com is proud to announce that we are now AudioQuest dealers! We really try to carry the very best product we can find and there are very few actual "Blue Chip" Audio companies out there and AudioQuest is one of them! The NightHawk Headphones are really blowing us away, if you are looking for a comfortable non-fatiguing high end sound, these are for you! Also, DragonFly Black and RED are shipping in the next few days! I've been enjoying the Coffee USB for the last year or so and it truly is one of the best values in digital audio, if 1's and 0's are your main thing, you owe it to your system to add a Coffee USB!

 The amazing NightHawk

The amazing NightHawk

 DragonFly is now portable!

DragonFly is now portable!



Posted on April 24, 2016 .

New Questyle CMA600i dac/amp combo

Hot on the heels of the impressive QP1-R, a DAP that has reset the idea of what great portable sound should cost,  Questyle Audio is about to ship the CMA600i integrated amp/dac combo! This unit has 4 pin balanced headphone out, 24/192, DSD, Balanced Audio Output and an analog input for your phono pre-amp or even an 8 track, cassettes, reel to reel, laser disc, Mini-Disc, DAT Player, DVD-A,  SACD, CD, FM Tuner....Now how much would you pay? How about $1299? Think about it, pretty much the center of an excellent audio system for only $1299!  Add a nice balanced amp and a great set of speakers and you have it all! It's a Swiss Army Knife of audio! www.headphoneaudiophile.com

 Questyle CMA600i $1299  www.headphoneaudiophile.com

Questyle CMA600i $1299 www.headphoneaudiophile.com

 Questyle CMA600i $1299 at  www.headphoneaudiophile.com

Questyle CMA600i $1299 at www.headphoneaudiophile.com

Posted on March 30, 2016 .

iFi Audio's new iCAN SE review by Matt Poe (MattTCG on Head-Fi)

Having owned the original ifi micro-iCAN, I came into my time with the SE with high expectations. Previously, I used the ifi micro-iCAN to drive the hd800 and was surprised at just how musical and enjoyable the pairing turned out to be.  Would the follow up effort from ifi uphold the impressive first offering? Let’s take a look.

On paper, the SE shows some impressive specs:

*full 4 watt class A amplification

*improved power transformer

*same XBass and 3D featured on the original but with refinements

*trickle down tech from the Pro iCan with “boutique” component selections

The spec sheet looks impressive, but just how does it sound? I went through my usual playlist of test tracks to get a feel for how well the ifi micro-iCAN SE performed and then later how it compared directly to the original. The first impression that hit me with the ifi micro-iCAN SE was that it didn’t sound like a small or “transportable” amp at all. In fact it was driving my hd650 and Mr. Speakers Ether as well or better than many desktop amps that I’ve owned.  The sound it created was powerful and refined. Impressive. So far I had not engaged either the XBass or 3D sound feature. 

XBass has three settings: direct, level 1 and level 2. After spending a good half hour testing various tracks with the bass feature with both hd650 and ETHER, I was ultimately happy with the hd650 at direct and ETHER at level 1. I know that some audiophiles might snicker at a bass feature and I admit that I might have even been a little skeptical myself. But the proof is in the listening and the XBass feature delivers.  Level 1 with ETHER was smile inducing. It brought out just a subtle sub bass boost to make ETHER’s sub sonics wow me.  The 3D feature was more difficult for me to get a grip on. For some recordings direct sounded best, but with others I preferred level 1.  Regardless it was nice to have the choice.

Compared to the original iCAN, ifi has raised the bar and delivered a superb offering with ifi iCAN SE Micro. There certainly is no sophomore slump here. The SE impresses with its more powerful and elegant signature over the original. The SE drives both dynamic driver and orthodynamics with ease and musicality. If you liked the original or missed out on it, the ifi iCAN SE Micro should be on your short list if you are in the market for a versatile, powerful and feature rich headphone amp. 

Posted on January 17, 2016 .

An early review on Kimber Kable Axios Cables:

I want to share my impressions of the Kimber Kable Axios headphone cable for my Sennheiser HD650 headphones. First things first. Cables do make a huge difference. If you disagree, that's because you've never owned a cable like this before! Transparency is amazing. Detail?!? Better than ever. Separation, imaging, decay, and even the low level dynamics are amazingly good! Let me say it like this. My system was completely badass. Completely eargasmic. But what happens when you put a very high end cable into the mix?!?!? What happens to your headphones?!? They sound beyond anything you imagined they could ever sound. The sound stage has widened pretty nicely also. There is no distortion. There is no veil. The sound is so realistic (transparent) that it's not even funny! I don't use my Beyerdynamic DT990's anymore for the fact that I'm becoming a junkie with my HD650's!!! 😳😳😳 I mean, when I looked at other headphones that were more money, yes. I wanted them! I wanted those HD800's. I admitted it! I wanted them. I'll say this. I will never give up my HD650's now. No one can make me an offer. I wouldn't accept it. I'm so content with my system that it's no longer a pleasure to listen to my system. It's an honour to listen to a system like mine. I'm so content with my gear, that I don't want more. I'm not even thinking about the Multi-Bit upgrade for my Bifrost! Does that say anything?!?! I'm in heaven. I can't imagine my system sounding any better than this. It's beyond my comprehension to imagine my system sounding any better. I admit that I was getting bored of my 650's. That's why I purchased the Beyerdynamic DT990's. Guess what?!? Those $300 DT990's are just taking up space in my drawer! Seriously. Those Beyer's are just sitting there. I don't even want to use them. Does that tell anything?!?! 😎😎😄😄 well, if you have the money, or are will to spend the money, get an Axios!!!! YOU WONT HATE YOURSELF FOR IT! -Coury

Posted on January 15, 2016 .